Buttering Trio & Friends – Love in Music (Live)

‘Love In Music’ from ‘Threesome’ (2016)

Performed and Recorded live with friends, May 2017

Recorded by Adir “The Doctor” Dadia at Anova Studios
Assistant engineer – Itai Ella

Music & Mix by Buttering Trio (KerenDun, Beno Hendler, Rejoicer)

Drums – Amir Bresler
Violin – Yogev Glusman
Flute – Yudko the Abstract
Saxophone – Eyal Talmudi
Trumpet – Sefi Zisling
Extra Vibes – Nomok

Director / Producer / DOP – Mia Zur-Spziro
Editor / DOP – Fima Shlick
Colors – Jengo